Feast of the Three Saints Australia's Largest Religious & Cultural Festival

This Year's Feast

The Feast of the Three Saints is held every year in Silkwood, Australia. The Feast brings people together, in celebration, from all over North Queensland and beyond, occurring on the first Sunday in May.

In the Year 2000 we celebrated, in Italian and English, our 50th Anniversary and, to mark the occasion, a 50th Anniversary Book was produced, which can be purchased online. Through the years a number of photographs have been collected and these are displayed in the Photo Gallery.

On Sunday, 1st May, 2022 the Saints will celebrate 72 years in Australia...

Everyone is welcome to attend.

The History of the Three Saints, St Alfio, St Filadelfo and St Cerino, in Silkwood began in 1950, when they were brought from Italy to Silkwood by Rosario Tornabene. For the complete history visit our History of the Saints section.